I have been working on a Statler Stitcher Computerized Longarm for over 30 years. It is fabulous. I have been able to turn over quilts with Edge to Edge quilting in a day or so.

Really fast!  (most people get their quilt back the next day!

My Statler Stitcher Quilting Machine uses the latest technology to ensure that the stitches will all be the same length, that each pattern is repeated precisely, that the pattern will be sized to exactly fit, and the overall quality of the quilting will remain consistent.

I will work with you to find just the right design to finish your quilt. I have hundreds of patterns to choose from.

I can accommodate any size quilt. My frame is 14-1/2 feet so a King size quilt can be accommodated.

There are some things to keep in mind:

Backing material should measure about 3 inches larger on all sides. No more than 6″ on any side.

If you pre-wash, remember to re-measure.

Backings must be squared up!!!

Remove all selvages before piecing the back, press seams to one side. Make sure all edges are straight!

Do not put a border on all four sides of your backing. There is no way I can center backing and stay on backing.

Press well.

If you have seams on the backing, press seams one direction and make sure the edges are trimmed to match. Backing needs to be squared up.

If you have a quilt without a border, please stay stitch along outside to stabilize.

My pricing is per square inch. There is a calculator at the bottom of this page that will help

Info to help you get an idea of the cost.

To figure square inches: Take the length of the Quilt in inches multiplied by the width of the quilt

To arrive at an estimated cost, simply multiply the total number of sq. inches by the price per sq inch.

Specialty Edge to Edge : $.025 per Sq. Inch

Custom Level 2 (multiple block &/or border patterns): $.04 – .06 depending on the intricacy

Example: Full size quilt 72″ x 84″ = 6048 sq. inches

Specialty Edge to Edge: 6048 x .02 = $120.96

Custom (level 1) 6048 x .025 = $151.20

Custom (level 2): 6048 x .045 = $272.16

Additional charges:

$5- 10 thread charge

$7.50 – $15 for variegated thread

Piecing and pressing the backing – $20

There is a minimum charge of $40 for edge to edge and $55 for custom

More questions? trudie2119@gmail.com

or call 262-309-6535